1955 bumper pool table

Hello…I’m trying to find a suitable replacement transformer for a 1955 bumper pool table with lighted bumpers… old transformer p/n is N-6763. It also says 6-v.There is 12 lighted bumpers and I will be using ge47 size bulbs at .15 amps each. Total 1.8 amps needed. Is a replacement available for sale? Thanks Rich


It’s difficult to find documentation for part numbers that are nearly 70 years old, but based on the description given, P/N 237-1923-ND would likely do the job. Please check the dimensions on the datasheet to verify suitability for your needs.

Thanks Rick! Ordered1…hope itworks…Ty Rich

Hi Rick… you answered a question I had replacing a 6v transformer last week on a 1955 bumper pool table… I received the transformer and I have a question about installation… it looks exactly like my 1955 one…but it has 3 green wires on one side… and 2 black wires on other… my old one has 2 black wires on each side…my electrical cord is original 110 plug…2 wires… just wondering if you could give me clarification how to install…thanks Rich Taylor

Black is the 110v input side, the two greens the 6-ish volt output. Cap off the yellow/green. Make sure you use wire nuts or other appropriate connection methodology for the 110v side, as you don’t want those conductors accidentally making contact with things they’re not supposed to…

I was looking online trying to get a better idea… so the 2 black wires are the input…then theres 3 green output wires… my understanding is I want 6v output for table… so on this transformer I bought…if I use the 2 outer green wires I get 6v? and if I use an outer green and the middle green its half? 3v?

Sorry if I sound confusing… but I believe this transformer has an output of 6.3 v… is that obtained by using the 2 outer green wires? Thanks Rich

Yes. Use the two greens.

Ok…thanks Rick

Finally had time to replace the 6 volt transformer…thanks Rick for the help! Rich

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