If I buy 27093387-ND, can I get the product with a dielectric constant of 1-9 instead of a product with only one dielectric constant?

The part number provided refers to a piece of material with specific dimensions and dielectric constant. A piece of material of similar dimensions with different dielectric constant would have a different part number, and may not be listed as a regular catalog item.

Per the datasheet, the material is available in 10 different dielectric constant values ranging from 3 to 9 (inclusive) in several dozen different shapes and sizes. Given the large number of potential combinations, limited usage, and high cost, most items are likely to be non-stock and would need to be ordered specially.

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I noticed that the Laird Company was recently acquired, and I called the Laird Company’s contact number in China, but the telephone number has been cancelled. I want to know, is it possible to make the Eccostock HIK series factory now?
Also, the Eccostock HIK series is made of plastic, how can I process its shape? In addition, I noticed that Eccostock FFP only has powders with a dielectric constant of 1.25. I am very interested in powders with other dielectric constants. Can Laird produce powders with other dielectric constants?

I am unaware of any product discontinuation associated with this recent acquisition.

Per the datasheet, the Eccostock HIK material can be shaped using common machining techniques and tools.

The FFP material is intended mainly for its mechanical functions, rather than for its dielectric properties. For this reason, I do not expect that it is available with varying dielectric properties covering the range of interest.