3D Models for JST Connectors

When searching for 3D models for JST connectors, you may notice that these are not found on our website. An example of a connector would be part number PHR-5. The Media & Downloads category will have the documents provided for the product. As you can see, the 3D model is not provided on our website. To acquire 3D models of these connectors, please review the following steps.

  1. Go to the manufacturer’s website at http://jst.com/index.html.

  2. Type in the part number for the JST connector, such as PHR-5, into the search bar provided on their website.

  3. Once the search is complete, click on the hyperlink to the part. In the example part number, it should have a link under the Series category. This category will have PH connector for a hyperlink.

  4. The link will take you to the part on the JST website. The bottom of the page will show the documentation for this part, including the 3D Data download for the connector.

Hopefully this will help finding 3D models on JST connectors from our website.