3M Earloop Fluid Resistant Face Mask FAQs

Sometime we get questions about items like earloop fluid resistant face masks such as H1820 from 3M. We would like to share some commonly asked questions for your reference.


Question: Does H1820 contain latex?

Answer: No. The 1820 Mask does not contain either natural rubber latex or dry natural rubber as components in the product.

Question: Can H1820 mask be used in surgery?

Answer: Yes, this product can be used in the OR (Operating Room). There is no professional standard or guideline that states an earloop mask should not be used in the OR. However, some professionals personally feel an earloop mask is not appropriate in an OR environment because to apply it the wearer must reach under their cap. There is concern this will create microbial shedding from the hair and skin.

Question: Why do some masks smell?

Answer: Many synthetic materials tend to pick up odors to which they are exposed. Face masks can pick up odors in any place they are stored, from the manufacturing facility to central supply in the hospital.

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