5v regulator LDK320ADU50R vs LDK320AU50R

I’m looking for a 5v voltage regulator in a SOT89 package, and the LDK320 series seems to cover my needs.

However, reading the LDK320 datasheet, there seems to be two different versions when it comes to pin-out, and the “D” type, with GND connected to pi#1 and Out at pin #3 is what i need.

When ordering, there seems to be a choice of two numbers LDK320ADU50R vs LDK320AU50R. I assume that the extra “D” is marking the “D” casing, but I am not able to find a verification that confirms my assumption that this is what the extra “D” means, even if it would be logical:

Can anyone confirm my assumption in this matter?

We can not give out the part markings. if you have a part from Digikey, we then can confirm the parts. this is due to counterfeiting protocols the industry has. But a a general rule yes they would have different markings.

Hi @knut.kl1 ,

Thank you for your inquiry. The D suffix in LDK320ADU50R is calling out SOT-89 D configuration of which lists different pin functions compared to the regular SOT-89 non-D configuration.

Click here for product page LDK320ADU50R | LDK320AU50R

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Thank you very much.
This is exactly the response I was searching for . :+1:

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Thanks a lot. This answer clarifies many confusions.

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“Ordering Information” on page 27 of the datasheet explicitly calls out part numbers for “D” and non-“D” configurations as well.

Thank you :grin: :+1:

Goes to show: «Life is a gigantic classroom»


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