817-1846-ND Inductivity specified with 13µH

For 817-1846-ND the Inductivity is specified with 13µH, as this is written in the data sheet and the description of the part on our product page.

However, it turns out that it is marked with 14µH, as also shown on our picture, therefore it can easily be mis-understood when comparing and checking in the data sheet and on our website.

It depends on the use case – this part consist of two CMC (COMMON MODE CHOKE) and as

Application type #1:

Symmetrical/differential mode in parallel configuration the Inductance is specified with 13µH and whereas

Application type #2:

Symmetrical/differential mode in series configuration the Choke is specified with 56µH – even when being marked with 14µH.

When recommending the below two alternative parts from the same manufacturer (Schaffner EMC Inc.) they are also not with 13µH but even much more inductance: 820µH at 2A as 2LN Through Hole configured CMC (COMMON MODE CHOKE) from stock EH20-2.0-02-0M8 / 817-1006-ND or EV20-2.0-02-0M8 / 817-1036-ND.

As the originally ordered RS Series incl. RS512-2-02 / 817-1846-ND is already indicated with a Part Status: NRND (Not Recommend For New Designs) the long-term solution is to switch anyhow.