ACH Terminal

JST ACH Connectors use the SACH-003G-P0.2 terminal and you are out of stock and will be for quite some time.
There is the MINI-SACH-003G-P0.2 which appears to be the same terminal, cost 5 times as much. The links to the datasheet on both of these are broken (401). JST website only shows SACH-003G-P0.2 in the general ACH datasheet and could not find any further information regarding this terminal. I could find no mention of the MINI-SACH-003G-P0.2 on the JST website.

So what is the difference between the MINI-SACH-003G-P0.2 and the SACH-003G-P0.2 terminal?

Hello Zemo,

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I also could not find the specific difference between these two besides the standard packaging quantities. It seems that SACH-003G-P0.2 comes in standard package of 30,000 while the MINI-SACH-003G-P0.2 is only at 1,000. It seems that the MINI is more expensive simply because the minimum order quantity is so much smaller.
I am contacting our product management in regards to this part to find out more information on this. I will update you as soon as I have any feedback.

The MINI option is just a smaller reel meant to be used with the Mini Reel Hand Tool watch the Product Training Module here → Mini Reel Hand Tool - JST │ DigiKey