ACL Staticide Power Adapter for 750 / 780 /800C Testers

If you have recently ordered an ACL Staticide meter from the 750, 780 or 800C family of Testers you may have been disappointed upon finding there was not a power adapter shipped with it. This should only happen when ordered outside of the United States. If you have ordered inside the United States and did not get one, please let use know. However, if you ordered this outside of the US, then this is now normal procedure.

Back in 2010 it was decided that ACL Staticide was going to stop including this adapter, when used in countries overseas. There is actually a very good reason for this.

ACL 220/240 Adapters were found to interfere with the accuracy of the above mentioned meters when used in different countries as the frequencies and cycles would tend to vary. This was happening even when the voltage was the same.

It was decided the best solution was to have the customer provide their own power solution if they wanted to plug these into an AC power source.

A different way, and better way to look at this is ACL Staticide has decided these products were going to transition to battery powered devices, they simply left the barrel connector there for your convenience.

There is a document available explaining this linked below.
ACL Staticide_PWR_ADPTR_750 780 800C.pdf (359.4 KB)

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