Allow multiple windows user to login to single linux computer?

In this example, I have a room with multiple desks. Each desk has a Windows 10 computer with one user. There is one empty desk which I have installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on a computer. The purpose of this Ubuntu computer is to allow users to remote login, edit and cross-compile C/C++ source code to run on a target Linux 32-bit computer. The Ubuntu computer is 64-bit and has a x64 (64-bit) to x86 (32-bit linux) cross-compiler installed. I have added each user to the Ubuntu computer. kDevelop IDE is installed on the Ubuntu computer.

I want to allow multiple users to be able to login, at the same time, to the Ubuntu computer. Each displaying there own GUI desktop on their Windows 10 computer where they can edit and cross-compile their individual project code.

I have looked at xRDP (remote desktop) but I don’t think that will work because RDP shares the current desktop.

I have looked at VNC but not sure if it is the answer.

I understand the Linux is designed to do what I want to do. I know that each user can open a terminal program, like putty, and login via telnet or SSH. However this is only a text terminal. I want each user to have their own desktop GUI.

What do I install and how do I setup the Ubuntu computer?
What do I install on the Windows computers?

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I’d personally recommend you use docker locally, or use the WLS on the Windows 10 dev machines. I use docker for cross compiling ARM64 linux apps, docker makes the build env portable, and repeatable. Has a little learning curve, but it’ll be more stable and efficient in the long run.

One doesn’t need GUI to simply edit and cross-compile their individual project code.

But I understand it might be hard to deal with years of GUI brainwashing and in that case you might want to check out X2Go. From their website:

Multiple users/clients can access a single X2Go Server at the same time, with each user/client having an individual Desktop session by default…

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your response. I’m not failure with docker. Does it run on windows of Linux? We want the users to work in the Linux environment. You could ask ‘why not just give the Linux computers?’ They need windows computers for their daily jobs.

I agree that a GUI is not needed. We intend on showing them the GUI and a text editor to explain the pros/cons of both.

I took a chance and installed xrdp on the Ubuntu computer. To my surprise, multiple users can use windows remote desktop to login at the same time and have their own desktop.
I guess I should have tried xrdp first before jumping to the conclusion that only one user could be logged in at a time.

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Maybe install kDevelop IDE on the Windows machines and use GIT for software control. Not sure if kDevelop IDE Win is fleshed out enough for cross-compiling, though (haven’t used it).