Allowed/recommended values of the Ris resistor

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The Ris resistor is attached between the IS (pin 6) output and the ground. The purpose of this register is clear. Documentation mentions its value of 1 kom. So, my questions:

  1. Does manufacturer give any upper and lower limits of its resistance that should guarantee safe operation of the device?

  2. In case if my application does not need any info about the status of the device, should I leave the circuit opened or attach the pin 6 to the ground?

The manufacturer provides a 1k Ohm value with a Vs of 13.5V. The Ris value is part of an equation that has to be factored in with the Source Voltage per 5.4.4 of the datasheet.

The reason they picked the 1k Ohm resistor to quote the datasheet

The manufacturer designed a development board around the Arduino platform. Their board leaves these pins ‘floating’ otherwise known as unconnected.

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