Alternative for PADP-12V-1-S

The back order time for PADP-12V-1-S is around 34 weeks which is quite long for us to wait.
T4363739, our purchaser has chatted with digikey’s application side already and have received this number for reference to ask support from digikey’s technicians.
May I know if there are any other part which is an alternative choice for PADP-12V-1-S?
The mating type is B12B-PADSS-1F.

Hello PanSuHayThi_bella - welcome to the Forum.

We do not have an exact equivalent to offer for PADP-12V-1-S. Here are the options that are the same pin count and pitch - you could try them, but they would not be recommended unless you also plan to also change the mating connector. If you choose one of these options, the mating connector will be listed at the bottom of that product’s detail page, under the heading “Mating Products”.

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