Alternative to DS75492 MOS-to-LED Hex Digit Driver

Working through a book with several radio and electronics projects.

One of the parts listed is the DS75492 MOS-to-LED Hex Digit Driver.

Found a datasheet here:

Looking for an alternative since it does not show up in your extensive catalogue.

Thanks for your help.

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Thank you for your inquiry.

Take a look at part number SN75452BP to see if it would work in your application.

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The link you posted is for a DS75452 and @TechForum gave a good potential substitute for that.

However your text says you are looking for a DS75492 MOS-to-LED Hex Digit Driver. Jameco has some available of the generic version (SN75492N actual manufacturer not specified).

Thanks @PaulHutch and @TechForum for the responses.

I see that I provided the wrong link as I was trying to look for alternatives. I am in fact looking for a alternative for

I will check out your suggestion @PaulHutch

Thanks everyone.