(AM3358) invert USB_DRVVBUS?

Hi all,
I have been using TI TPS2051B power-distribution switch but run out of stock. I am considering using ROHM BD82031FVJ however the enable input pin-4 polarity is inverted.

Is there away to use the device-tree to invert the polarity of the USB_DRVVBUS output?

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BD82030FVJ is the Control Input Logic:Active-High version of the BD82031FVJ


Have you considered other options in the same series such as these: https://www.digikey.com/short/ph3pnzrn

Thank you for your suggestion.
Yes. I have looked at the TPS chips that are in stock but they are a different package sizes.

Follow-up. I ordered/installed the ROHM BD82001FVJ-LBE2 as a replacement for TI TPS2051BDGN. My USB HOST port is working as designed. Note, ‘LB’ in the part number means ‘industrial’. The ROHM BD82001FVJ-GE2 is the non-industrial chip.

Hello jakthree - thanks for letting us know and for the extra information as well!