Amphenol Eaxtron Connector

What comes with these parts, when you order them from Digi-Key?

Confirmed by the manufacturer, the “K” versions of these Eaxtron Series Connector part numbers from Amphenol Industrial Operations will come with the housing, contacts and the handle, such as K320M2/0 shown below.

The cable clamps will need to be ordered separately for these parts.

Applicable part numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
339-K160FSH1/0-ND K160FSH1/0
339-K160M1/0-ND K160M1/0
339-K320FH2/0-ND K320FH2/0
339-K320FH3/0-ND K320FH3/0
339-K320FH4/0-ND K320FH4/0
339-K320FSH2/0-ND K320FSH2/0
339-K320FSH3/0-ND K320FSH3/0
339-K320FSH4/0-ND K320FSH4/0
339-K320M2/0-ND K320M2/0
339-K320M3/0-ND K320M3/0
339-K320M4/0-ND K320M4/0
339-CCBE160-ND CCBE160
339-CCBE320-ND CCBE320
339-CCBK160-ND CCBK160
339-CCBK320-ND CCBK320
339-CCGR160-ND CCGR160
339-CCGR320-ND CCGR320
339-CCGY160-ND CCGY160
339-CCGY320-ND CCGY320
339-CCRD160-ND CCRD160
339-CCRD320-ND CCRD320