Amphenol RJF Connector Compatibility

I am using connector RJF6B CONN MOD PLUG with RJF21B CONN MOD COUPLER with an RJ45 cable. I am wondering if change from using the RJF21B to the RJF21BSCC (that has spring loaded cover), will I still be able to use the RJF6B. Essentially with the cover open, will I still have enough clearance to have a good connection with RJ45.

Thanks for the help.

Hello RailroadWithProbity,
Thank you for your request.
I believe the two parts you are talking about are RJF6B Plug and RJF21BSCC Receptacle with spring cover.
Yes these two parts will work together. They will fit together with the Spring cover.
On this Data sheet at the Bottom it will talk about those two part working together.

I hope this will help you out.
Any Question please let us know.

Thank you for the quick response!