Anchor wires in Scheme-it

Hi, I am having problems with Scheme-it. It is moving my wires after I draw them. How can I anchor them at the corners and make them stay there? I click at every corner but when I connect at the final point, the wire snaps to it’s own path and not the one I want it to take. Please help.

Hello JHoover, I am not familiar with that issue sorry. As I was trying to duplicate your issue, I can simply click to start a line (wire) then click as I am going to anchor it along the way to the next component. Could you possibly send a screen shot so we can more accurately see what you are experiencing? thanks

Hi Zach,

Attached are screen shots. I can anchor the wires along the zig zag path just fine but as soon as I click the final point on the power supply, the wire jumps to it’s own path as shown in the 2nd screen shot.

Please help.


Jon Hoover

Screen Shot 02-12-20 at 09.02 AM 001.PNG

Screen Shot 02-12-20 at 09.02 AM 002.PNG

I was able to set it up to how yours is but mine was letting me anchor the lines. It sounds stupid but try to rid your history and caches of scheme-it, do a restart and try it again. I have a feeling its just a glitch you have or perhaps your components are set in a way that scheme-it doesnt like, try playing around with them and moving them around.