Antennas for AM/FM Radios

We have been asked if we carry antennas for AM/FM radios and we do have some potential candidates for the FM stations.

AM Longwave Radio

Amplitude Modulation (AM) has a few ranges, one is called longwave which is from 148.5kHz to 283.5kHz; unfortunately, we don’t have any antennas that fit this range of frequencies. This frequency range is not common in North America though.

AM Mediumwave Radio

In North America, Australia, and Phillippines a different range is used for broadcasting: 525kHz to 1606.5kHz (525kHz to 1.606Mhz). Three antennas are capable of going this low:

FM Radio

However, we do have more antennas potentially compatible with the Frequency Modulation (FM) range. FM’s range is 88MHz to 108Mhz and some of our antennas that we carry do fall in this range. Here are six products that have an applicable range and have decent center frequencies that may improve their ability to receive signals: There are three different termination types available: SMA Mini-DIN Female, SMB Fakra, and Solder. The SMA Mini-DIN is going to be more standard of a connection, SMB Fakra is the next most common, finally, solder termination is the least common of the three.

Radio stations that we listen to function on a much lower frequency than today’s new technology. The RF antennas we carry are aimed more at this technology. That is why we don’t have many antennas that could be used for FM radio. Always check what ranges of frequency you are using before looking for antennas, I only listed common frequencies I found online, but there may be different ranges. If we don’t show a frequency you are looking for in our parameters, we don’t carry a compatible antenna for your application.