Are you a Mosfet ? Cannot Find # SLH40N26C

I have been trying to repair a Giandel Pure Sine Inverter, I found a bad Mosfit ?, # SLH40N26C, I have searched every where but cannot locate one, I need help, Thanks

Hello dboficle,

Thank you for your post.

I was not able to verify that number exactly as given, but based on the part number breakdown of similar mosfets I believe I found some of the ratings, as well as, the package.

In the number I believe the 40 calls out a 40A rating for the continuous current. The 26 calls out 260V for the drain to source voltage. I believe the package the part is in would be the TO-220 or possibly the TO-220-3.

I was not able to find an exact match based on those ratings and package type, but hopefully this will help you in your search for a replacement.