ATMEL-ICE-PCBA usb not recognized

I recently bought an ATMEL-ICE-PCBA along with a bunch of other parts as a part of a lab kit. When attempting to set up the ATMEL ICE I ran into the problem of it not being recognized by my computer as a USB device. I have tried different cables, different ports, downloading Atmel studio for the drivers, reinstalling… and nothing seems to work. When I plug it in, the lights are on as they should be and I’ve checked other connections with the other parts I’m using but I’m not sure what to do at this point.

Hi @brando, thanks for your report! This is the 2nd unit this week we’ve seen an issue… Can you please take a screen shot of the board’s Serial number, along with the serial number on the box the board came in. (and attach that to this thread…)



I tried plugging it into a different computer and it worked fine, must be a problem with my laptop.