ATSAMD11C14A-SS - 18 GPIO on a SOIC-14

From data sheet:
Table 1-1. Configuration Summary
SAM D11D – 24-pin QFN SAM D11D – 20-pin SOIC /WLCSP SAM D11C – 14-pin SOIC
Pins 24 20 14
General Purpose I/O-pins (GPIOs) 22 18 12

From Kicad after loading:
Alias name: ATSAMD11C14A-SS
Alias description: ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU, 48MHz, 16KB Flash, 4KB RAM, 1.6-3.6V, 18 GPIO, SOIC-14

You have to look at the part number builder on the datasheet to verify specifications. There is an error in the description as the 14 pin soic would only have 12 GPIO. I will email to have this updated in our library to match the product page.

It looks like you’re talking about a part in the official KiCad library. For bug reports against that library post an issue on the KiCad Official Symbol Library Repo.

Can you add something to the README here ( that updates the status (No longer maintained?) and points to the one you referenced.