We need PDMS sheet with dimensions 500mmX500mmx1mm. We have talked already with LIMITLESS SHIELDING LIMITED regarding this dimension they told it is available. Can you provide this item. Kindly confirm so we can order it quickely

Here is a link to the PDMS options we list from Limitless Shielding:

Films | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Since at the moment the dimensions you requested are not in the list, I have forwarded your request on to our product manager. They will review your request to see if we can add it to our options. If it is an option we can add, it will be updated in the link as an available option.

@alamtouhid90 ,

If you know the full part number you need and if it is something we do not normally carry, you may have it specially ordered through our Special Order Product Request Form

Our manager was able to add the number PDMS-1000-500-500 to their marketplace shop. He noted it may take up to 72 hours for the system to synchronize, and for the product to be viewable on the website.

Checked today, it looks like it is already available: PDMS-1000-500-500

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