Bad component? Board is no longer functional

This is the main board from the remote start ecu on my vehicle, which has stopped working after I did some service on my car in which the battery was removed and all the fusebox\main ecu cables were unplugged.
As far as I can tell everything else about the systems works but I’m not the greatest with specific diag like this and am unsure if these components look damaged enough to be non functional.
Any opinions or info on being able to replace these components if need be.

That just looks like sloppy or damaged conformal coating. Conformal coating in this type of device is almost certainly only for corrosion resistance.

Since there is no visible corrosion on the metal near the chipped coatings, it is unlikely to be the problem.

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Conformal coating is a layer of what’s usually clear acrylic paint that helps with moisture condensation from creating electrical issues.

The two components shown with flaking would likely not be critical.