BBB and Probotix BOB 5.2 pinmux

I’m trying to set up a BBB with a Probotix BOB 5.2 and everything is so full of circular depricated links that it’s tough to find answers for something that works.

If someone out there that knows what they are doing could please build an iso for me, or help me out with fresh instructions that don’t send me on a wild goose chase of depricated information, that would be great.

i’ve tried buster, wheezy, jessie, and the other… 3.8 4.x… and the instructions are all so circular conglomerate of confusion that I have no idea what to do.

Hi @jimmc914 , Probotix BOB 5.2 was designed to be used with MachineKit, the main developers behind that team moved on to fpga’s…

If you find some directions linking to a date specific *.img.xz file on, just ping me here and i’ll dig out the image from cold/storage/nas, and re-upload it.

Otherwise, the main change MachineKit did to our images, was the introduction of “config-pin”… This still works today with’s latest image… So if you find a refernce for a config-pin list for this cape, we can help you translate it to images today…

Here is the pin definitions: Probotix Comet… Not sure if that’s the same as teh ‘bob’…


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the config-pin switch is where I ran into problems. all the pins changed, and the BBIO GUI app is for wheezy, and I am completely lost with the compiler it was built in.
I have the latest image and half a dozen others.
if you can help me figure out how to assign pins, that would be super helpful, too.

I’m not sure how to ping you… I certainly appreciate your help with this. I’ve been fighting with it for months now.


I think I’m starting to figure out the forum… now if I could figure out the pin config and hal files for using the 5.2 breakout board.

I have a handful of the first run of boards, and they were great. machinekit has changed a lot in the past 9 years.

This is one of the last 3.8.x based MachineKit images i have: Index of /rootfs/