[BBB RT MUSB] Unable to handle kernel paging request at

I have a BBB connected to a LTE Modem via usb.
When I was testing ping with ethernet thru LTE modem. The following message appears

[    219.528903] Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address

What’s wrong with it? and How can I fix it?
Please, help me.


@taek8461, retry without the RT (preempt) kernel…

We’ve seen this before with RT + USB WiFi adapters…


What is RT.
I don’t know What RT is.
Could you explain about it?


Hi @taek8461, RT is short for Real Time Linux: https://wiki.linuxfoundation.org/realtime/start

It’s a set of external patches, to help make the Linux Kernel, more “Real Time”… For us (BeagleBoard.org) it has a history of nasty USB related side-affects.

From your Image, you are running “4.19.31-bone-rt-31”, you should switch to v4.19.x-bone:

git checkout origin/am33x-v4.19 -b tmp

and retry…