Beating Zoom fatigue with ROBOTIS

robot 1 dog robot

This last year has been such a change for everyone. Many families are now working from home. We use Zoom to communicate with family , school, work , etc. The screens are constantly on and that can be pretty wearing and people are trying to find new ideas and projects to beat the “fatigue” . Sometimes its hard to know where to start. I would like to introduce you to a manufacturer that Digikey sells through our Marketplace that produces beginner to advanced robotics that is fun for the kids and adults alike , they are called ROBOTIS.

This company specializes in educational kits and “humanoid” robots . It has a website that is very friendly for a beginner. The instructions and datasheets are easy to find and to follow. The choices of robots start with the PLAY 600 or DREAM II for ages 6+ and all the way to the expert with the humanoid such as the ROBOTIS OP2. They use operating systems such as Linux , Windows , iOS, Android, ROS, etc. Software is provided through ROBOTIS website to download , depending on what you are using .

The Play and Dream series are the basics for learning . It will teach children or adults who have never actually built a robot but love to tinker . The educational kits will teach you how to use robot hardware and software . The PLAY kits are a seven in one , so there are plenty of models to make! Parts are listed with pictures and instruction along with how to start coding your very own robot . These would be a great way to get rid of that fatigue and start a new hobby . Please see the links below to see what is offered through Digikey Marketplace to start your new adventure!


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