Beehive anti-theft device?

I have no experience with electronics or component integration. I hope that you can guide me to whether I can purchase components to create the following system (I’ll hire an electronic guy/gal).

I want to embed a component(?) in a beehive and use a wireless process (SIM card?) to communicate the gps location of the box. I may also want to add a microphone that signals “increased” sound levels within the hive. What components would I need? The beehives sit some distance from any wifi (hence sim?). I can change out a battery every few months,or use solar? Do I need a cpu? Thank you for your advise!


Hello @Jablonski,
If you have no experience with developing electronics it would be more practical to buy some type of off-the-shelf device like You could build it yourself but it would cost considerably more to hire a professional to develop such a product.