Better option to replace FDB045AN08A0

Hello, I’m repairing a BLDC speed controller, with the above mosfets. I would like to put a better part in its place, and would like to hear some suggestions, d2pak is the footprint.

“Better” is a rather subjective term in this context, given that there are roughly a dozen parameters one can take into consideration. Accordingly, it’s a bit of a dicey proposition to go swapping FETs in such an application without some fairly deep understanding of the underlying design considerations. Choose poorly, and one can end up with a lesser-performing result.

The original FDB045AN08A0 is in stock, and would appear to be a pretty good option. FDB035N10A might offer some small incremental benefits on a few points, and is fairly similar to the former in terms of its dynamic characteristics. That would be my suggestion if you’re intent on choosing something else.