BLUENRG-355AC Bootloader Version

Just wondering if the bootloader version is known for the BLUENRG-355AC transceivers that are currently stocked. As described in the errata sheet for this product, there is a problem with version 3 of the embedded UART bootloader that causes the product to become unresponsive.

Hello evandrewcloss, welcome to the Forum community! Here is the link to bootloader information on AN5471 mentioned in the datasheet for BLUENRG-355AC.

Yes, I understand that I can get the bootloader information through the serial interface. I was wondering if the chips currently stocked are using bootloader version 3 or 4. I guess I’ll just buy some and check.

Hi evanandrewcloss,

According to the ES0532 BlueNRG-LP errata sheet, the UART bootloader version 3 crash problem was first documented in May of 2021 (version 2 of the errata document). It mentions that the problem was corrected in version 4 of the bootloader, and the last update to that document was August of 2022. Presumably, this means that the bootloader erratum was corrected in production by that time since it states that it is not a problem for version 4 of the bootloader.

Our current inventory was received in March of 2023, so, without physically verifying the bootloader version of our inventory, it seems highly likely that our inventory has version 4 of the UART bootloader.

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