C & L identification help


I am trying to identify a surface mount capacitor and inductor to repair some boards I have. I am attaching some pictures of the components, and I also measured their dimensions.

Capacitor, surface mount, cylindrical shape, aluminium electrolytic, and appears to seated in what I believe to be a black anti-vibration seat??, labeled 100 EFK.
So far my best guess is that it is part of the Panasonic Industries FK Series, Surface Mount Type, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.

Approximate dimensions:


Inductor, surface mount, cylindrical shape, labelled 101 with a blue circle along the edge, also seated in an anti-vibration seat?? I have had no luck in identifying this at all.

Approximate dimensions:

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

The capacitors are from Panasonic’s FK Series. 100 is a 100uF and the E is calling out 25V

Part Number EEE-FK1E101XP


The inductor looks like TDK’s SLF Series. 101 would be 100uH. Possibly SLF7032T-101MR45-2PF