California Prop 65 Warning Label on Samtec Products


Recently we have had many customer asking about a sticker that Digi-Key has been adding to our Samtec products about California Proposition 65. Here is a picture of that warning.

This is a direct result of an notification given to our product manager from Samtec. Here is a copy of that notification.

Hello Digi Key,

Hope that this finds you well. Concerning your inquiry regarding California Proposition 65, note that not all samtec parts fall under the scope of California Proposition 65; However please be advised that the vast majority of Samtec products will contain intentionally added metallic Nickel as a component underplating which is a substance listed on the flagged list of Prop. 65.

Please note that many businesses have opted to include Prop. 65 warnings out of an abundance of caution to avoid liability under the statute without evaluating whether exposures to their products or facilities would be required under the statute. Due to the fact that Samtec produces millions of unique parts all with different compositions we have opted to apply the California Prop. 65 warning label to all products being shipped to distributors or to the state of California.

For your review I have attached the current list of all flagged substanes under the Proposition 65 standard.

California Prop 65 Ban List January 2017.pdf (412.0 KB)

As a result of this notification Digi-Key is currently putting the labels on all samtec parts. More details of how we are handling Prop 65 should be directed to Below Samtec’s statement there is an attachment that lists all the substances associated with Prop 65. Though the list can be seen as a bit extreme both Digi-Key and Samtec are playing it safe…yes, probably too safe.

I have had other questions as well and currently we are not able to limit the stickers to where the products are being shipped.