Camera Options for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

We frequently have customers ask for peripheral cameras that are suitable for use with Arduino or Raspberry Pi. This post will provide links and information about the camera options Digi-Key carries.

Arduino Camera Options
The first camera option for Arduino is the 1597-1193-ND from Seeed.

Product page:

This shield features a high-performance single-chip VGA and image processor in a small footprint package. It is fully compatible with Arduino or Seeeduino, has a 640x480 picture resolution, and is compatible with UART/SPI communications.

The second camera available for use with Arduino features AI + IOT functionality - Digi-Key part number 2221-K027-ND.

Product page:

This camera is powered by a Kendryte K210, an edge computing system-on-chip with a RISC-V CPU and neural network processor, making it ideal for machine vision, low light, object/face detection, and much more.

Raspberry Pi Camera Options

From high-resoluation, to wide-angle, to night vision cameras, we have many options for expansion camera modules for the Raspberry Pi. Options can be found here:

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