Can Bus Driver PCB Design


I am working on a freelancing project, where I need to add CAN Bus driver with Arduino Pro Mini. I have used this CAN Bus shield: CAN-BUS Shield v2 — Arduino Online Shop but as you can see its quite large sized and the final product has to be of small size as its going to place in small box.

So, now I am thinking of combining both Prp Mini and CAN Bus driver on a single custom PCB. I have got the PRo Mini PCB design but couldn’t find the CAN Bus PCB. I am looking for something like this: CAN-BUS Breakout - Share Project - PCBWay

So, if someone could provide me the PCB design of CAN Bus Driver, I could easily combine the two.


Hello, Andrea.

I have sent this request in to our Arduino team, and will reply with the information I receive when it comes back to me.

Looks like Seeed has PCB layouts and schematics available on their website. Individual links can’t be posted here, it’s a download service, but if you scroll down past the marketing spiel you can find a series of GitHub downloads in the “Learn and Documents” section: CAN-BUS Shield V2 - Seeed Studio