Cannot debug SmartFusion®2 Maker-Board Digi-key

I followed the procedure 10 times and still unable to step through code.

I get the following msg.

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Hello @cheece2001,

I have contacted my engineer who has done work with this board to see if he is able to help out. Currently he is out of the office for a couple days. I will also contact my product manager to see if he has any insight. As soon as I have anything I will update this post.

My guess is that there is something not configured correctly with the build process, but without any other details it’s hard to say for sure. That message usually occurs when the debugger is trying to look in memory that isn’t programmed.

There are lots of extra steps required for setting up a project in SoftConsole since v4.0 involving memory and configs. As noted in the wiki article, versions of SoftConsole greater than 5.2 may require changes to project structure and/or settings. Make sure to read the release notes of the version you are using to correctly configure your project.

SoftConsole v5.3 Release Notes

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