Cannot LogIn to Scheme-it on Chrome

I registered and tried Scheme-it a few days ago. Now when go to Chrome keeps showing I’m logged in as a guest “Welcome Guest” even after logging in on Chrome. When trying to login again the login window never comes up again because I am already logged in. It is an endless loop.
I tried using FireFox and I was able to login as expected.

I have closed Chrome and rebooted. Any suggestions?


@Ketterr - Try deleting your cookies in Chrome and trying again.

Thanks Cody but deleting cookies in Chrome did not solve the issue. I tried it twice.
As a guest I have no option to logout except to go to MY-DIGIKEY at and Logout. Every time I login it shows up as guest.

Can you give incognito mode in chrome a try?

I just tried clearing “Cached images & files” under “Clear Browsing Data” and that fixed it. I can now login normally. Thanks for your help Cody.