Cat Distribution Circuit Board - RCATDB

Trying to locate a replacement Cat Distribution Circuit Board-Model RCATDB. We used to purchase directly from B&B Electronics. We use it at our convenience store to bridge comm connections between the fuel dispensers and fuel dispenser controller.

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I wasn’t able to locate much based on the description you gave nor the model RCATDB from B&B. We do carry B&B and I also did look on their website but found nothing there either.

Do you have any more information on this product? Drawing or data sheet perhaps?

B & B was recently acquired by Advantech/B&B, perhaps some of the model numbers/trade names for conventional naming have changed.

Lets try and get more information, I assume this was some sort of media converter, such as serial to ethernet, or wifi, etc… also if you have a picture of one that would be helpfull. if B & B / Advantech still makes it, we can get it.

Hi cliffbates,

Anything you can provide to help ID this would be useful. Images, including any connections and markings might help. Is the B&B unit wired directly to the fuel dispensers and controller, or is it a wireless system? Is there a B&B unit on each dispenser unit as well?




So I have contacted our product management team to see if they can obtain this from B&B/Adventech or get any info on it and its specs. I will post here once I have some reply from them. Sorry for the wait but there is not much more we can go on.

No worries and understand.


Cliff Bates