Chromium running slower on Debian (9) Stretch on BBB

Is there a way to speed up Chromium load and run time on Debian (9) Stretch on the BBB? It runs considerbly slowere on Stretch than it did using Jessie on the same BBB H/W.

@texasEE Sadly no, Chromium is getting harder to run on single core devices such as the am335x with limited ram. I tried rebuilding Chromium with more neon paths enabled vs the default debian package, however even then it’s slow on the Beagle.

On dual core parts such as the X15 it is much faster, or the wandboard as we have etnaviv working for 2d/3d acceleration that Chromium utilizes.


Any recommendations on other web browsers that would work great on the BBB using the Debian Stretch software?

Firefox is also available, but on a single core device such as the am335x it’s not going to be fast.


To resolve the issue I uninstalled chromium and then installed midori.
Midori is a lightweight HTML web browser that runs very good on the BBB. Caution must be exercised since there may be security issues with Midori that are not in Chromium.

To uninstall chromium type:
sudo apt-get --purge remove chromium (Frees 109MB)

Then install Midori using:
apt-get install midori (Adds 80MB)

Once installed open a terminal and type:
midori -help-execute

for list of Madori commands