Clearing Digi-Key Cookies to Fix Website Issues

Sometimes you might come across some strange website behavior on .


The solution to this may often be to clear your cookies. It’s usually annoying to clear your ALL your cookies so this is a quick reference for clearing only cookies in Chrome, Firefox, and IE


Screenshots from Chrome 62

  1. Go into Settings


  1. On the top of the window type cookies and click on Content Settings. Do not click on Clear Browsing Data, that only functions to clear ALL your cookies.

  1. Next you will need to click on Cookies.

4. Then select See all cookies and site data

5. Find search the cookies for and click the trash can.


Screenshots from Firefox 57

  1. Go to Options

2. Click on Privacy & Security Tab, then click on remove individual cookies

3. Search for digikey and select Remove All Shown


Screenshots from IE 11

  1. Navigate to the website
  2. Hit the F12 Key to go to the Developers Tools
  3. Click on the Network Tab, and click on the clear cookies button