Closest alternatives for part # 179-2674-ND / 40IMX4-05-8G

yes, we could try to help in offering this closest alternative to our customers for this non-stocking part # 179-2674-ND with 40IMX4-05-8G / 179-2682 -ND as DC/DC CONVERTER 5V/4W from Bel Power Solutions as well, but there are actually also only 27 pcs on stock.

If you’re open for a redesign, then this tiny 6-SMD non-isolated PoL (Point-of-Load) Module could be another much cheaper option:
K7805MT-500R4 as DC/DC CONVERTER +/-5V 4W from Mornsun America, LLC.

Please review the datasheets to ensure the offered cross will work for your application.