CM CANopen for the SIMATIC® S7-1200 PLC

I want to use a CM CANopen device (part # 021620-B) with a CAN 2.0B (J1939) sensor. Will the sensor be compatible with CM CANopen module? The CM CANopen module talks about CAN 2.0A, but doesn’t mention CAN 2.0B. Does this mean they are not compatible?


CAN 2.0B is backwards compatible with CAN 2.0A. But CAN 2.0A controllers have to support the 2.0B passive feature to be compatible; otherwise a 2.0B message will flag an error.

CAN device that uses 11-bit identifiers is commonly called CAN 2.0A, and a CAN device that uses 29-bit identifiers is commonly called CAN 2.0B

Possible yes but will need to figure out the backwards capabilities to use correctly.

Thank you

Ryan Urness

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