Compatibility (and if so:Limits of Operation) between Texas Instruments LM10011EVM and TPS563252

Compatibility (and if so: Limits of Operation) when integrating Texas Instruments LM10011EVM with TPS563252.

Texas Instrument’s LM10011 Data Sheet (SNVS822A – DECEMBER 2012 – REVISED NOVEMBER 2014) indicates: “The LM10011 is specifically designed to program a wide variety of Texas Instruments DC/DC converters for VID (Voltage Identification) applications.”

The data sheet’s first page shows a Typical Application Circuit depicting the integrated combination of an LM10011 with a voltage regulator possessing the same architecture as TI’s TPS563252 buck converter. I would like to know, ideally from a TI publication, that the LM10011 and TPS563252 are 100% functionally compatible.

TI’s LM10011 Evaluation Module User’s Guide (SNOU108A–December 2012–Revised April 2013), page #2, shows a schematic of the LM10011 supporting the operational control of an LM21215 buck converter. My intended use, if supported by the LM10011, is to configure the LM10011 and TPS563252 as depicted on page #1 of the LM10011 data sheet in the “Typical Application Circuit”, to provide the equivalent of a six-bit controlled variable current output power supply, where an initial DC voltage of 2 volts can be produced across the load, by applying up to 2 amps, followed by adjustment of the LM10011’s 6-bit value to vary the load current as needed.

I would like to know if the LM10011 can be used to accomplish this, or something fundamentally similar to this; where the two main performance factors are (#1) a significantly high (2v to 2.8v) initial DC voltage offset, and (#2) user definable steps in current magnitude control.

Thank you for your help.

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I have forwarded your request for documentation to our TI team and will provide updates when I receive them.

What response might be expected if one were to approach a grocery store employee with a similar question regarding a particular loaf of sandwich bread and specific pack of sandwich meat?

Component devices of the sort are documented independently; the datasheets describe their function and characteristics, with it being the user’s responsibility to determine whether or not some particular combination of devices meets their specific needs.

The references cited are targeted toward development of a variable/controlled voltage source; if one desires a controlled current supply, that’s a different matter.

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