Component info for 338KHAA

Hi all,

I would like to have the component info for the mark code 338KHAA which in the circuit board inside the recharge battery.


Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum. I searched the part marking and wasn’t able to find any information on this part. Do you have a schematic to this PC board that may give more information on the part which could help us identify this IC ?

Hi @cklaiivanwork ,
This may be a P-MOSFET in DFN-8 package. As it is probably acting as a power path switch, the actual specification is not so critical. In other words, you probably do not need to find an exact match (as this kind of parts are these days likely manufactured by a company one has never heard of (yet)). I’d state, that finding an identical package, pin-out and function (P/N) is enough for a suitable equivalent.
Cheers, heke

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