CX10M-000000-N4B Enclosure

Based on the manufacturer configuration chart, CX10M-000000-N4B is open frame (no cover), but your product picture shows lid (cover) with it.
CX10M-000000-N4B Advanced Energy | Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board) | DigiKey
Please see below, the left pic is with lid, the right one is open frame:
Could you confirm if the part has lid or not? Thanks!

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The part number breakdown indicated a standard model, but does not specify if that is with or without a cover.
I also see it is a medical grade product, so that may require the cover.
I will request our warehouse to verify which version this part number is, and I can post the information I find out.

Thank you for checking!, I just received a reply. Our stock do not have covers, so they will be like the picture on the right.

Thank you for the quick response!