Detector switches with anguled actuator


Could you please suggest an alternate switch for P/N: ESE-13V01C, with a longer travel (stroke)?



I have found this potential crossing part number ESE-13H05C Panasonic Electronic Components | Switches | DigiKey . I am including the series datasheet so that you can see the difference in the travel of the two switches.
ESE13 Detector Switches (

Please note that ESE-13V01C has a travel of .95 mm and the ESE-13H05C has a travel of 3.05mm.

ESE-13H05C is a from under to top operation type
ESE-13V01C is a from top to under operation type

Hi Nicholas

Our requirement is as follows:

  1. top to under operation type.
  2. longer travel
  3. dimensions similar to ESE13V01C

ESE-13H05C doesn’t meet these.