Digi Edgeport Product Notice 200428-01

The Edgeport/4, Edgeport/8, Edgeport/416, and Edgeport/2c products are changing to a new USB chipset due to the USB to serial chip going obsolete. The Edgeport/2c product is being discontinued. DigiDigi’s Edgeport products will be utilizing a different chipset in the moving forward. You can view further details such as estimated availability of the replacement parts numbers on Product Notice 200428-01 released 4/28/2020. Please see below for the obsolete part numbers and their recommended replacements. You can view the product page for each part number by clicking the Digi-key link.

Obsolete P/N Digi-Key P/N Recommended Replacement P/N Digi-Key P/N
301-1000-04 602-1516-ND EP-USB-4 602-EP-USB-4-ND
301-1000-94 602-1518-ND EP-USB-4s 602-EP-USB-4S-ND
301-1000-95 602-1739-ND EP-USB-4s 602-EP-USB-4S-ND
301-1002-08 602-1521-ND EP-USB-8 602-EP-USB-8-ND
301-1002-98 602-1740-ND EP-USB-8s 602-EP-USB-8S-ND
301-1003-10 602-1522-ND EP-USB-4 602-EP-USB-4-ND
301-1016-01 602-1743-ND EP-USB-4-D25 602-EP-USB-4-D25-ND
301-1016-08 602-1744-ND EP-USB-8-D25 602-EP-USB-8-D25-ND
301-2000-10 602-1621-ND EP-USB-216 602-EP-USB-216-ND

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.

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