Digi-Key Android App Crashing


I have updated my Google Pixel 2 XL from Android 7.1 to Android 8.1 and now when I open the Digi-Key app it only displays a white blank screen on startup and crashes itself. Any solution guys?

Shawn Yadav
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Good morning, we are looking into this… We hope to have an answer ASAP


Hello @shawnyadav

I have been working with my mobile team today and they have been trying to reproduce this on my Pixel 2 XL with 8.1, and haven’t had any luck.

Here are some solutions they have offered.

  1. Uninstalling and Reinstalling the app (data is backed up on Android 6+, he/she will not lose data unless manually cleared by the user)
  2. Wait for a new release, 4.13.0. There should be a new release that will be available by Wednesday (assuming the code freeze tomorrow isn’t prolonged)
  3. Clearing the app data (Last ditch effort)
    a. Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > All Apps > Digi-Key
    b. Choose storage
    c. Clear Cache, then Clear Data
    d. Note: Please let the user know that this will clear their datasheets and search history unfortunately, in addition if the user is a guest this will clear all of their remaining guest data as the data is not stored on the server. Logged in users will not lose their user data (but still their datasheets and search history on the app).

As of now I’m not aware of any issues like this and this is the first report, but I’ll keep an eye out. I’m guessing something happened to the database on the app that caused something to get misaligned. If the user knows what version they are on, this would help in tracking down the solution. The latest version is 4.10.5, so it’s probably that one. If they’re on anything below 4.10.5, they can try updating the app right away.

Hopefully this helps out!