Digi-Key IoT data plan for XB3 LTE-M/NB-IoT Modem


This post covers activating a Digi International XB3-C-A2-UT-001 LTE-M/NB-IoT modem with a Digi-Key IoT SIM and data plan. Below is the current carrier approval status provided by Digi International (as of November 16, 2018).
AT&T End Device Certified (LTE-M)
Verizon End Device Certification (LTE-M)
T-Mobile End Device Certified (NB-IoT pending)
Vodafone End Device Certified (NB-IoT)
Bell End Device Certification (Pending)
Telus End Device Certification (Pending)

Digi-Key does not offer data plans for all carriers. Currently, Digi-Key only supports AT&T on LTE-M with the AT&T US Anywhere plan. The XB3-C-A2-UT-001 uses a type 4FF SIM and the Digi-Key AT&T SIM is part# 1998-1002-ND. To subscribe to a data plan you will need to set up an account as shown in https://dataplans.digikey.com/. Activation will require the cellular device identifier IMEI# and the SIM ICCID#.

The IMEI# is a 15 digit device identifier number located on the SIM socket of the XB3 modem and the ICCID# is a 20 digit SIM identification number printed on both the full size carrier card and the 4FF SIM itself as shown.

To activate your cellular device you will need to login to your account, select the carrier plan, enter the device IMEI# and SIM ICCID# and click activate. Activation typically takes a few minutes but can take up to 24 hours. For help and questions on cellular data plans, account set up and related issues check out FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

An easy way to verify the modem has been activated and can communicate over the cellular network is to insert the SIM, plug it into Digi’s XBIB-U-DEV development board and check modem status parameters using Digi’s XCTU tool.

Guidelines for connecting the XB3 to the XBIB-U-DEV board can be found in the Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT Global Smart Modem User Guide .

Once you have connected to the XB3 with the XCTU tool an important parameter to check is “AI”.
AI is the “Association Indication” parameter and a value of 0 (0x00) indicates association is successful and has connected to the internet. Below is full list of status codes.