Digi-Key labels, what are all the fields meanings?

Hello All,

I am extremely new when it comes to ordering electronic components. I just started a new role with a company that designs medical devices. One question that has come up and no one seems to have an answer for is the meaning of all the fields on the Digi-Key labels that come adhered to each bag on an order.

We’re specifically wondering if the labels contain lot numbers for Digi-key or lot numbers for the component manufacturer? If not, are we able to acquire the lot numbers from Digi-Key?

However it would still be good to know what all the fields are. Some are pretty self explanatory, but what are the fields below?

Part ID:
Load ID:

Any help would be appreciated.


Part ID: is the manufacturer part number
Load ID: is a Digi-key internal marking
L/C: is the Lot Code for that specific part
SO#: is your sales order number
D/C: is Date Code for that specific part


@Rachel_Thompson Thank you so much for the reply. Is the Lot Code a a number for Digi-Key or a lot number from the Manufacturer?

Thanks again!

Not a problem! The Date and Lot codes are from the manufacturer. These numbers are used to identify when the component is being manufactured.

@Rachel_Thompson You are awesome, that is exactly what I was needing.

You’re welcome! Let us know if you have any other questions