Digi-Key Link in Altium Circuit Studio Not working

I am using the circuit studio from Altium and my links to Digi-Key are not working. I keep getting an error that stats “Invalid Partner Information”

Any idea what is going on? Cheers Billy

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Hello @Billy

I am sorry to hear that you are being inconvenienced. Several years ago we notified all users of our interface to adopt our new interface and that old the one was being sunset. A major reason for the new interface was to add security. Altium tells us they are working on a solution that they expect to complete within days. Please contact them to learn the timeline for their rollout.


Same issue. Please let us know when this is fixed.

We love to hear feedback from our customers. It let’s us know where to focus our efforts. Fortunately DigiKey has our side of the APIs ready to go, we are now patiently waiting to see what Altium comes up with on their side. We will share any news that we hear from Altium here. We truly appreciate your patronage. One thing that may help speed this along is for those customers affected to reach out to Altium and share your feedback with them directly.

This is a big inconvenience for me as well. It will likely mean we will not be using Digi-Key as a supplier for the time being


Yep, we’re in the same boat too as @jaza_tom; we’ll be switching to Mouser as our primary supplier until this is working again. Any idea if/when that’ll happen?


@Robert_Fay This issue is not “SOLVED”.
Altium charges many thousands of pounds to upgrade to the latest version of their tools which contain this “fix” for what Digi-Key has broken.
Will Digi-Key be financially compensating my company?
No? I didn’t thinks so.

My company will not be doing any more business with Digi-Key until Digi-Key rolls-back their breaking changes to re-enable this functionality.
As we are a product design house, that means that all future products will automatically have production BOMs with Mouser specified as the volume distributor, instead of Digi-Key. That’s because Mouser’s supplier-links functionality still works with Altium’s software.
This issue will cost you a heck of a lot more than it will cost us.


You broke everyone’s existing Altium software, and now you want us to pay Altium thousands to buy their latest version containing a fix for what you broke. That is not an acceptable solution!
You have two options: Undo your breaking changes, or lose our business.
Choose wisely.


I have the same problem.


I’m having the exact same problem. This was a very poor move. Bye Digikey…


Altium has provided feedback to me that they have no intent of updating older Altium versions to the new Digikey APIs.

I like Digikey for speed of service, but if I am no longer able to access data directly from Altium then I have no specific reason to purchase parts from you.

I would strongly suggest that Digikey put additional pressure on Altium to provided patches for older versions. You, Digikey are the ones that will lose money due to this change, not Altium who simply wish to push their latest and greatest version at inflated prices.

I use Altium for all my product designs and do a large amount of consulting for various high volume consumer OEMs. Since Digi-Key’s links are not working Mouser or Arrow are going to get the business going forward. Either Digi-key fixes this or they lose ‘vendor of choice’ priority. Altium software worked fine until recently. I don’t plan on upgrading my Altium software because Digi-key wants to change the rules. It should be noted that Digi-key has done well in the past due to Altium users using them as a default vendor. I hope they realize how much revenue and profits that the Altium web-link provides them. All they need to do is look at how many components have been downloaded and Part Numbers used. …Digi-Key better tread carefully here !!

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We will have to adopt the same actions here. We are a company that buys thousands of parts per year and since we are from Brazil, we always opted for Digi-Key due the faster delivering time. But, without the Altium plugin, we can not automatize the production process, making it expensiver than buying from Mouser, for example. I understand that the Altium team is working on a solution for the new versions of the software, but due to the large taxes applied to us here in Brazil, it is not viable to update our Altium license to the newest one. Therefore we are switching all of our buying orders database to Mouser’s part numbers. We had a good partnership, it is really sad that it ended in this way…

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Same problem here. I’m a circuitstudio user – now having to go through all my part libraries and switch to Mouser.

I have seen some updates on Altium forum here: Altium Forum

Especially this is interesting:

"I followed Joseph Chiu’s solution in his post above and it still works for me right now in AD17.0.

“It turns out that there is a solution – uninstall the Digi-Key supplier extension, make sure the Altium Part Supplier extension is installed, and restart (it didn’t work for me until I restarted)”

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Hi there. I am new here. I just start using Circuit Studio and as I can see someone has some problems here. How can I avoid it?:thinking:

Thank you Robert, now it is work for me, People “uninstall Digi-Key supplier extension

I tried uninstalling the Digi-Key supplier extension and it didn’t work at all.

I have the same error message with CIP-E, is it the same root cause?

Good news all! An update just come out for circuit studio! See the below link for details :slight_smile: https://www.element14.com/community/community/manufacturers/altium/blog/2019/03/01/circuitstudio-152-hotfix-now-available