Digi-Key Part number 296-41109-ND


Could you please check the photos? We received these parts under the part number 296-41109-ND. We think that part at the first photo is incorrect. The board is TMS570, this is correct but the IC on the board is RM46. It is marked with blue. RM46 is correct for part number 296-41108-ND.
The part at he second photo is correct item. The board and IC are TMS570. It is marked with red.

If you think the part at the first photo is correct, could you please confirm that RM46 is correct IC for 296-41109-ND?



Thank you.

Hello Sema,
The IC for 296-41109-ND should be TMS57012 not RM46. RM46 is on 296-41108-ND. These boards are very similar and thus it appears that you have received a wrong part by mistake.

Please contact customer service at customer.service@digikey.com or call them at 1-800-344-4539 for assistance with the Return Merchandise Authorization. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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