Digi Key PN#4955-F07320-ND

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Does Digi Key PN#4955-F07320-ND come with an adhesive backing?

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Hello Craig,
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Our team will look into that switch for you.

The 4955-F07320-ND snap dome switch does not come with an adhesive backing; it is a flexible metal element typically used as part of a layered assembly, and held in place using a flexible overlay material. The resource available at Metal Dome Switch Engineering Handbook - Snaptron | DigiKey may be helpful.

@craig.bush It is possible for us to special order a (custom) part as well if it is something we don’t normally carry.


We would be looking for something from their peel and place (PNP) arrays or adhesives.

Something like a F07320 but in a PNP with the adhesive backing.

What would be the digi-key p/n for that?

Thank you


This page on the manufacturer’s site offers a part number breakdown for their standard products in the peel and place packaging. If I read correctly, you’d want to request manufacturer part number PNP07(F07320).

That item is not present in the DigiKey listings currently, and as such there would be some delay and likely a minimum order quantity involved in procuring them for you; ordering from the supplier directly may be to your advantage.

Otherwise to special order through DigiKey, complete this form: Special Order Product Request